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Modular dressing spindles


The DS dressing spindles series 190 made by Heinz Fiege, Röllbach are maintenance free for life. These advanced, robust motor spindle systems are designed specifically for dressing with rotating tools. Their modular system enables the spindles to be equipped with rotary encoders or acoustic emission sensors, as applications require.

Six standard models with diameters from 58 to 120 mm with drive units in the output range from 0.5 to 11 kW are available.

The dressing tools are secured on a precision-ground cylindrical element with an axial locking disc. In addition screw threads are provided for fastening the dressing tool directly to the spindle. The manufacturer quotes less than 0.001 mm for concentricity and axial run-out. The drive unit features a variable speed asynchronous or synchronous motor. A frequency converter regulates the motor up to its maximum speed.

Motor cooling with air or a coolant liquid:
An internal cooling circuit in the area of the motor winding provides the necessary cooling. Subject to the required output, either a liquid or air is used as the coolant medium. High precision preloaded bearings are used to support the assembly. According to their manufacturer, these have excellent attenuation properties and resistance to wear. The spindles run as smoothly as they do thanks to their rigid construction and optimised balancing. A rotary encoder or an acoustic emission sensor can be fitted at any time.

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