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Motor spindles for high speed grinding


Heinz Fiege, renowned as a manufacturer of machine tool main spindles with the highest precision and reliability, presents new motor spindles specifically for high speed grinding.

The configuration of the spindles for high speed grinding is always adapted to the specific machine tool environment and machining process. Their housing can be either cylindrical or rectangular. The drive unit features a variable speed liquid-cooled synchronous or asynchronous motor. Drives rated up to 120 kW are available.

Tools can be fixed via a standard interface (HSK or SK) or in accordance with the customer's drawings. The unit size is always adapted to the specific task, tool size and spindle rating. Tool clamping systems are available in manual, hydraulic or pneumatic versions.

For all sizes, concentricity and axial run-out are <0.002 mm at the tool holder. The bearings used are exclusively high precision spindle bearings, selected for quality, which are seated in matching bearing fits (shaft diameter and housing bore). These help us to achieve an exceptionally long service life, quiet running and precision within the entire spindle system. This system is sealed with a proven labyrinth packing, supported by active sealing air. This arrangement protects the spindle system against dirt ingress.

At the customer's request, sensor systems can be integrated into the motor spindle, such as sensors monitoring temperature or running noise on spindle bearings, automatic balancing systems with vibration sensors, or acoustic emission systems. This way, customers obtain a spindle concept that is perfectly matched to their application as well as information on the state of the motor spindle and the machining process.

These motor spindles are powerful compact systems, the design of which guarantees high flexibility in application. These highly developed products represent a new level of precision and reliability, and are already in use by several renowned manufacturers around the world.

Together with the drivers in the ServoOne series, Fiege spindle technology and LTi offer a package of high performance drive units with optimised control and high frequency modulation.

These series of spindles are extremely capable and reliable. They find their applications in the following areas: highly productive grinding centres, transfer lines in mass production, main spindles on vertical grinding machines.

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