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The latest generation of grinding spindles from Heinz Fiege GmbH / Reliable grinding processes with centreless TSCHUDIN "ecoLine 400 CNC" cylindrical grinding machines


Our client TSCHUDIN AG is an international technology company with its head office in Grenchen, Switzerland. Through its engineering know-how and the manufacture of the most advanced grinding systems TSCHUDIN has developed an excellent reputation in manufacturing technology for precision components for more than 65 years. In a demanding environment TSCHUDIN offers technically and economically intelligent solutions. Important cornerstones of their expertise are productive systems and reliable after-sales service.
With spindle and dressing technology supplied by Heinz Fiege GmbH, TSCHUDIN has now been able to create an even more efficient overall machine tool system.
The highly developed centreless cylindrical grinding machine ecoLine 400 CNC stands out on account of its process reliability. Reproducible setting processes and a graphical user interface safeguard high manufacturing reliability.
Current competition demands not only that setting times are reduced and output is increased, but that the quality of the processed workpieces is improved further still. The patented TSCHUDIN technology with only three CNC axes has made grinding processes manageable and reproducible.
This level of reliability and precision required not only a well thought out machine tool concept, but also spindle and drive technology that was capable of delivering the required performance.
The grinding spindle from Heinz Fiege GmbH, which TSCHUDIN now utilises in the ecoLine 400 CNC, is a series 910 motor spindle with an integral liquid-cooled, variable speed synchronous motor. The bearing seats are directly integrated into the rectangular spindle housing, which is made as a highly robust machine casting, so it is substantially more rigid than comparable spindle types with cylindrical housings. This results in higher component quality.
High precision spindle bearings are used, fitted with specified preloading. As a consequence, they are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, which is particularly important for grinding operations. In addition the service life of the bearings is substantially expanded. Concentricity, measured at the tool holder, is <0.002 mm.
The fully automatic balancing system is completely integrated inside the spindle, ensuring vibration free grinding tool operation.
The spindle is sealed with a proven labyrinth packing and active sealing air. This protects the spindle bearing against contamination by grinding sludge and suds. Spindles can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Together with the series CDE 34 drivers made by LTi, Heinz Fiege GmbH supplies a drive system perfectly matched to the process and spindle. Programming and commissioning are done on site by LTi Switzerland, which is also responsible for marketing Fiege products in Switzerland itself.
As part of a long term and highly cooperative association with TSCHUDIN, the latest generation of Fiege spindles has enabled that company to further improve the reliability and precision of its production grinding machines.
TSCHUDIN ecoLine centreless external cylindrical grinding machines can process components ranging from 0.7 to 100 mm in diameter and 275 mm in length. The patented machine tool concept with only three CNC-controlled axes offers maximum reliability and efficiency in everyday production.
With kind permission of 

Wolfgang Kapp – LTI Drives Schweiz
Mathias Fiege – Heinz Fiege GmbH


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