Highly dynamic HF motors with liquid cooling

Fiege HF motors are powerful induction motors with an integral, liquid-cooled drive. They drive processes dynamically directly or indirectly. Their layout is derived from the HF motor spindles used in industrial manufacturing.

Their smooth and extremely quiet running is achieved by precision spindle bearings and high precision manufacturing techniques. All the important fits and seats are hardened and ground. As a result of this processing quality, this product has an exceptionally long service life. Bearings are lubricated for life, which makes them maintenance free.

Several standard types are currently available with an output between 2 and 150 kW and speeds up to 30,000 rpm. Motors are protected using PTC or KTY. All motors are equipped with a rotary encoder system with a 1 Vpp output signal.

Besides these standard types, special motors are, of course, also produced, which are precisely matched to the process in terms of output, torque, speed and size. These motors are particularly powerful and reliable. They are used in test bench technology, plant engineering and in the machine tool industry.


HF motor technology

We only use high precision, preloaded bearings. These have excellent attenuation properties and resistance to wear. The taper concentricity is < 0.002 mm. The spindles run as smoothly as they do thanks to their rigid construction and optimised balancing.

Spindles can be operated clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Permanent grease lubrication of the bearings.

A variable speed asynchronous motor provides the drive. Power ratings from 2 - 150 kW are available. The motor is protected by KTY or PTC sensors in the motor windings.

The motor is cooled by means of a separate integral cooling circuit near the motor windings.

Spindles are sealed by a specially tested labyrinth seal with ¬active sealing air. This protects the spindle bearings against contamination. Spindles can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Technical Data
HF motors

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