Spindle service

Spindle service

The same quality and precision as with a new spindle – to keep your processes running

A spindle unit is subject to the highest loads in daily operation. Even robust materials and perfect workmanship cannot prevent wear and tear. Should repairs be required, our experienced technicians will be there for you offering their well-coordinated Fiege spindle service.

Each spindle is carefully disassembled upon receipt to locate the cause of the failure. After close examination, the necessary maintenance work and required spare parts such as ball bearings, seals, etc. are ascertained, and the customer immediately receives a cost estimate.

Of course, production components are meticulously examined to ensure possible reuse.

After the order has been placed or the cost estimate approved by the customer, the repair is carried out as quickly as possible. The criteria for acceptance and approval by our quality assurance department are the same as those that apply to new spindle units.

When spindles are returned, the customer receives a test report listing the quality values achieved. Qualified personnel and strict quality controls ensure the professional repair of your spindle.

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