Spindle Technology Series 500

Spindle Technology Series 500

Motor grinding spindles

Main features series 500

  • Air-cooled motor
  • High bearing rigidity
  • Preloaded spindle bearings
  • Concentricity on the mounting taper < 0.002 mm

Because of its robust design and precision, the 500 series motor spindle can be used for all applications relating to advanced grinding equipment. Special materials, which guarantee high dimensional stability even under extreme conditions, are used to manufacture our grinding spindles. Only high precision preloaded bearings are used. The mounting taper concentricity is < 0.002 mm.

The technology of the 500 series

Rotational direction

The anti-twist lock on the mounting taper allows our grinding spindles to be operated clockwise and CCW. This requires use of our own brand accessories.


Lifetime grease lubrication


The motor can be controlled by a frequency converter (up to 100 Hz).
The motor is connected to the spindle shank by a coupling.


The tool side is sealed by a specifically proven labyrinth packing. This protects the spindle bearings against soiling. Spindles can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Standard delivery

Operating instructions, tensioning screw or nut for mounting the grinding wheel flange

Mounting taper

Standard mounting taper 1:7.5 with anti-twist lock

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